The purpose of LISAGOODELL.COM is to equip you with the ideas and resources you need so you can be successful in your classroom today and this week. And to ultimately enable you to fill your teacher backpack with skills and resources to make you a confident educator.

Special Ed teachers have a hard, but rewarding job. But it can also be lonely, especially if you don’t have other special ed teachers at your site to collaborate with. So I want to do everything I can to answer your questions, help with your struggles, and provide resources (or point you in the right direction) so you are better equipped to help your students with disabilities succeed in their goals.

Although my goal is to equip and encourage special education teachers with tips, activities, and resources which will help them teach, all are welcome whether you teach sped or not. General Ed teachers and parents looking for Pre-K to 2 resources are likely to find ideas they can use or adapt to their unique teaching situation.

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