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Welcome to the Help for Special Educators Podcast! Special Education is a tough job… it can be overwhelming when you are new and have to figure out how to run an IEP meeting, communicate effectively with parents and other teachers, collect data, etc. However, there is help for special educators here! My goal is to help special ed teachers with time-saving solutions and also to bring the global special education community together. (Last time I checked, the podcast has been heard in over 65 countries, reaching people on every continent!)

Each episode deals with topics of interest to special educators, however, I’ve heard that general ed teachers have enjoyed it, too. You will get great ideas for what to teach/lesson planning, behavior issues, scheduling, room setup, and more.

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Disclaimer: The views expressed, and resources/links provided on this podcast are that of each guest and do not always represent the views of this podcast or the host. In addition, each listener is encouraged to research all strategies, lessons, curriculum, etc. before using them with students to be sure they are in line with their beliefs, their school district policies, etc.

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33Advice for Teachers New to AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication)
Guest: Heather Cacioppo from Full Sped Ahead
32Strategies to Improve One-Handed Scissor Skills
Host: Lisa Goodell
31Morning Meeting Ideas in a Multi-Grade Class
Host: Lisa Goodell
30How to Survive Taking a Sick Day
Host: Lisa Goodell
29Wheelchair Costumes
Host: Lisa Goodell
28Puberty and Sexuality in Special Education Classes
Guest: Dr. Rachel Schwartz, Ph.D., BCBA-D
27Harvey Korman’s Legacy Lives on Through His Son
Guest: Chris Korman
26Schedules and Lesson Plans for Moderate/Severe Classes
Guest: Emma Haring – Part 2
25Tips for Teaching Students with Multiple Disabilities
Guest: Emma Haring – Part 1
24.1-24.10Ten Ways to Relieve Stress in 1 Minute – Published one activity at a time.
Host: Lisa Goodell
24How to Survive the Second Half of the School Year
Host: Lisa Goodell
237 Special Ed Podcasts You Should Listen To
Host: Lisa Goodell (and other podcasters)
22FS: World Kindness Day Classroom Ideas
Host: Lisa Goodell
21FS: Virtual Halloween Party Ideas
Host: Lisa Goodell
20Class Holiday Parties and Alternatives
Host: Lisa Goodell
19Tips for Terrific Parent Conferences
Host: Lisa Goodell
18Special Ed & General Ed Collaboration Stories
Guest: Sarah Magallano from Sarah’s STEAMers
17Tips to Promote Independence (and Work Yourself Out of a Job!)
Guest: Jenn Adams from Teach Love Autism
16Mid-Year Move
Guest: Chelsea Marelle – Part 2
15Class Set-Up to Avoid Behavior Problems
Guest: Chelsea Marelle – Part 1
14New Special Ed Teacher Answers
Part 2 of New Teacher Series
Guest: Kaylene Durbin (and other contributors)
13New Special Ed Teacher Questions
Part 1 of New Teacher Series
Guest: Kaylene Durbin
12Teaching Math in a Special Ed Classroom
Host: Lisa Goodell
11Co-Teaching and Inclusion Strategies
Guest: Jenn Hunter of Mrs Hunter Helps Here
10Schedules and Lesson Planning
Part 3 of Self-Contained Schedule Series
Host: Lisa Goodell
9Small Group Rotations Schedules
Part 2 of Self-Contained Schedule Series
Host: Lisa Goodell
8Eight Tips to Create a Daily Schedule
Part 1 of Self-Contained Schedule Series
Host: Lisa Goodell
7Talk Data to Me: Data Collection for a Kindergarten Special Ed Classroom
Guest: Marisa Iannacone of Sparkles and Sped
6Tools to Improve Parent Communication
Guest: Petra Ablaza of Sailing the Spectrum
5How to Support Students with Behavior Plans
Guest: Cassie Leutenegger of Adventures in Behavior
4Six Steps to Build an Inclusive School Garden
Guest: Dawn Ellis of Cultivating Exceptional Minds
3Ideas for Teaching Autism
Guest: Nikki Robertston of Teaching Autism UK
2Tips to Create Your Own Curriculum
Guest: Ashley Lutz of Spedtacular Days
1How to Start Your Own Autism Group and Community Autism Night, and About the Host
Guest: Tiffany Manha

Help for Special Educators Podcast Host: Lisa Goodell

Lisa Goodell, helping to assemble robot kits for Texas students.

Lisa Goodell, M.A., launched the “Help for Special Educators” Podcast on April 1, 2019. She has taught for over 25 years, including third grade, resource/inclusion (RSP), and mild/moderate self-contained (SDC). Currently, she is an itinerant orthopedic impairment (OI) specialist/teacher for students birth to 21 years old in all general ed and special ed settings.

Lisa has a master’s degree in special education and six special ed and general ed teaching credentials. She has been honored as “Teacher of the Year” at both the elementary (2014) and secondary levels (1994). She lives in rural Central California with her family and a bunch of cats.

Check out her TeachersPayTeachers store, “Lisa Goodell.” You can also get more information by listening to the beginning of Episode 1.

Lisa is grateful for the thousands of listeners in over 75 countries around the world who tune in to the “Help for Special Educators” podcast.

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Important Note about my FACEBOOK account: I got hacked by scammers and no longer have control of my Facebook Group “Help for Special Educators,” Lisa Goodell Equip Page, or my personal page. Please leave the group, and unfollow/unfriend the page. (I have started a new Facebook just for my art/stamping.)

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