$3 or Less! Christmas Themed Deals that Won’t Empty Your Pocketbook! And a Freebie!

December 16, 2017 2 min read

If you are looking for fun ideas that will keep your students on task the last week before winter break, check these Christmas themed deals! Several are specific to Christmas, but others are good all winter long. And what kid actually wouldn’t like to keep the Christmas spirit alive for a few days in January after returning to school?

First up is a “counting pictures” and beginning addition math packet of worksheets (sums to 18). This is great for when kids need to still to be doing academic work, but you want something with a Christmas theme. This packet is differentiated and will help kids who need to move from counting objects to counting pictures or dots on numbers. It starts with counting pictures, and goes to simple addition facts.
Next, is a review game that can be used with any questions/topic you want. It comes with a Tac, Tac, Toe board and fun game pieces that can be used over and over.  I also include 100+ game cards with CVC words on them, but you can use any questions you want.
Great for Centers!

Next, are a set of two number stack games. Find out why kids love these games better than bump games!! (Similar but game pieces are not bumped off resulting in hurt feelings, which really helps with my students with special needs). This is a gentler way to learn about being a good sport during games.

2 Math Stack Games Winter Sports Christmas Holidays

Christmas Typing Practice
Want your kids to type better?  Give them practice with one of these BoomCard decks! One is for typing short phrases, and the other is for typing complete sentences with capital letters and punctuation, etc. Please note that currently they are on not available on TpT (It is on my to do list!) But you can get these and other typing items directly in my Boom Store.

Finally is my Christmas freebie, Write about Nouns: Christmas. This is part of a series of Writing Freebies in my TpT store.  Use this for independent work or small groups. Students copy from a model (with picture) to print words in a box. Next page say simple multiple choice questions. Students will fill in the circle by the correct answer (helping Pre-K, TK, Kinder, etc., special ed, etc.)

Click here to see all my writing activities, including the others in my Write about Nouns series.

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