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Countdown Sticks Until the Last Day of School

May 9, 2013 2 min read
I thought it would be fun to do an activity each day using Countdown Sticks until the last day of school. It will help the class count down the days. We had already started counting down the days since Day 20 on the whiteboard.  Just take some popsicle sticks and write some activities on them.  I decided to not number them, but you could always order them so that certain activities line up with the best day to do them.  Yesterday was our first day pulling a stick and we pulled “popcorn.”
Other ideas:  lunch in class, make a bookmark, do a GoNoodle video/dance, get $5 Goodell Dollars, get $10 Goodell dollars, read outside, Activity/PE outside (this is extra special since we don’t do PE normally because my students are mainstreamed during PE), 1 piece of candy (I NEVER give candy so this is a biggie in my class), write with a pen, popcorn, special art: drawing, special art: painting, bubbles, airplanes (I got dollar store styrofoam planes), kites (I got dollar store kites that were 2 for a $1), water painting on sidewalk math, go outside and read under a tree, extra library time, and background music during class.
Finally, another way to display the activities would be to write them on paper, roll up and put in purple balloons…like a “bunch” of “grapes.” Last year we did this and popped one each day. However, don’t pop balloons if you have students who are sensitive to loud noises!
Have a great end of the school year!

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