Growth Mindset Links to Help Kids (& Adults) Succeed

January 3, 2018 3 min read
The Growth Mindset movement is spreading to more classroom, and rightly so. Our students need to learn tools to learn stamina and perseverance, examples of kindness, encouraging others, etc. They need to know they don’t have to stay in a fixed mindset if something goes wrong during the day.
 First, I’d like to share some introductory videos that your class will love.  You could even send a link or two home in your classroom newsletter to help inform parents of growth mindset principals.  And, as teachers, we know that adults get stuck in fixed mindsets as well!! Families can learn about “growth mindset” together.

Finally, here are two Boom Learning decks I made to reinforce growth mindset lessons during independent center or morning work time, while also having kids work on keyboarding skills! You can get them separately or as a bundle on TpT. They are perfect for independent time/centers. In each deck, students practice typing letters and punctuation from a model, as well as using the shift key to capitalize letters.

I encourage you to go to the links and play before you pay! Be sure to try them out by clicking on the links below. Once you click through, choose “Full-sized Preview” to preview the first four cards of the deck with sound. You can also watch a video of how the activity works below.

The first deck of Boom Cards, “Positive Self-Talk” will help reinforce your growth mindset lessons as your students practice typing/keyboarding skills.


The second deck, “Say This Instead,” helps kids come up with growth mindset phrases that replace the fixed mindset phrases “I don’t get it,” and “I don’t know.” Again, they will type the growth mindset sentences from a model.  If you want your kids to practice both decks, get the bundle here.

Hopefully, this blog post has given you ideas on how to use videos and technology to extend and enrich your Growth Mindset lessons. Please keep reading below or read my other posts about Boom Learning to see how it works.


Boom Cards can be played on an interactive whiteboard, tablet, smartphone, laptop, etc. using the internet or free “Boom Cards” app. Kids get immediate feedback and teacher can get automatic grading, collect data on speed, accuracy via reports. Teachers won’t have to prep, print or laminate! They are perfect for the 1:1 classroom, put at a center, or even use whole class projected on a screen or SmartBoard.

  • Shannon Olsen January 4, 2018 at 1:36 PM

    Love teaching my students about having a Growth Mindset! Thanks for the new ideas =)

  • UR1naBillion January 6, 2018 at 8:06 PM

    You are so welcome!! I hope your class enjoys it!

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