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Helpful Ideas for Teaching Autism

April 12, 2019 3 min read

In podcast episode #3, I chat with Nikki Robertson, who is an autism teacher in Wales, UK. She teaches 3- year olds at an autism school (with students aged 3-19 years old). She gives many tips and helpful ideas for teaching autism in a special ed classroom with almost all students who are nonverbal. She shares what a day looks like in her class, how they use Book Creator (iPad app) to collect evidence and data and assemble into a book to share with parents. She discusses how they fit in time for lesson prep, assistant training, and some of the hands-on activities that their students love.

Moreover, Nikki is also part of an outreach team of specialists who train and encourage general ed teachers at mainstream schools in a variety of ways including using a strategy called a classroom takeover. It includes observations in both Nikki’s class and the general ed teacher’s class, which are essential to improve the classroom environment and implementing effective behavior strategies to help autistic students be more successful.

Nikki also compares special educational in the UK and America. We get to hear some Welsh phrases. But I have to say I was blown away with how her school transports their students!

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Podcast Episode 3 Show Notes

My Guest: Nikki Robertson

Nikki Robertson is an autism teacher in Wales, U.K. She has over 8 years of experience working with students all across the spectrum. She has worked with age groups 11-16 and 3-7. Nikki is part of a team who trains general education teachers about autism and how to make their classrooms more adaptable and autism friendly. The main therapies that she uses are; Sensology, Music Therapy, Art Therapy, Story Massage, and Sensory Stories. You can email her at or visit her website for more information. 

Links and Resources

Book Creator App

National Autistic Society (UK)

Check out Nikki’s TpT store at

You might be interested in her “Set Up Your Autism Classroom” bundle.

Nikki on Instagram: @teaching autism

Nikki on Facebook: Teaching Autism

Nikki on Twitter:

Podcast Host: Lisa Goodell

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