Kindness Discussion Topics #1 & 2

November 27, 2017 1 min read
Topic #1 is a current popular saying. 

If you throw confetti do you expect to gather it back up? No, you are giving it freely to everyone, with no return expectations. How can someone throw kindness like confetti?  Have students brainstorm situations in which they were kind to someone else. Think of
situations where someone might expect something back as a result of their kindness… were they REALLY being kind?

Kindness Topic #2:

You will never regret being kind.

#2 Discuss what regret means.  Why should we never regret being kind?   If we are really being kind, what type of attitude do we have?  Compare this saying with topic #1.  If you do regret being kind, did you really have a kind attitude to begin with?

Challenge kids to find small ways to be kind to others. Open a door for someone, pick up trash outside. At home, take the trash out without being asked. Ask a parent or sibling how their day was and listen to their answer!

This Class Discussion Series is for anyone, young students, older students, general ed, special ed. Teachers can adapt to meet the needs of the classroom.

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