Ten Ways to Relieve Stress in 1 Minute

January 10, 2021 2 min read

This page hosts individual segments of the ten ways to relieve stress in 1 minute, as described in episode 24 “How to Survive the Second Half of the School Year.” The full episode, blog post, transcript, and show notes are available here.

Use this page if you want to listen to just one activity at a time when you feel stressed. However, they are also easily accessible here in case you want to use them individually with your special ed staff or even students. I hope this is a tool you can use during the uncertain time we are living in, and in the future as well.

Listen to all of them below right now! Or… if you prefer, listen on your favorite podcast platform.

Activity 1: Breathing

Activity 2: Stretching

Activity 3: Daydream

Activity 4: Doodling

Activity 5: Today’s Simple Accomplishments

Activity 6: Look

Activity 7: Joy Givers

Activity 8: Appreciate Yourself

Activity 9: Pets

Activity 10: Prayer/Silence

Resources and Links

  • The full episode, blog post, transcript, and show notes are available here.
  • Music tracks are from the following artists on Pixabay: Christian Bodhi, sscheidl, artdsigns, dreamheaven, gearge sundancer, and quality online media

Podcast Host: Lisa Goodell

Lisa Goodell, helping to assemble robot kits for Texas students.

Lisa Goodell, M.A., launched the “Help for Special Educators” Podcast on April 1, 2019. She has taught for over 24 years, including third grade, resource/inclusion (RSP), and mild/moderate self-contained (SDC). Currently, she is an itinerant orthopedic impairment (OI) specialist/teacher for students birth to 21 years old in all general ed and special ed settings.

Lisa has a master’s degree in special education and six special ed and general ed teaching credentials. She has been honored as “Teacher of the Year” at both the elementary (2014) and secondary level (1994). She lives in rural Central California with her family and a bunch of cats.

Check out her TeachersPayTeachers store, “Lisa Goodell.” You can also get more information by listening to the beginning of Episode 1.

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