Writing Project for Mom, Grandma, Sister or Aunt

March 5, 2018 2 min read
Kids are being raised by moms, aunts, grandmas, and even older sisters,  so as teachers, we need to be inclusive when it comes to activities and assignments that focus on parents. Don’t assume that all of your students live with their mom. Moreover, even if you know for a fact each of your students lives with their mom now, we can help cultivate kindness in our kids for their friends who don’t live with their mother. Try out this writing project for Mom, Grandma, Sister or Aunt.  

In addition, over the years of my teaching career, I’ve known too many kids who have lost their moms to death (illness or car accidents), but also CPS, jail, or just had a tough situation with separation/divorce.
Sometimes there are two moms in the picture.  So give different options during a lesson, such as, “This is for your mom, or if you don’t know your mom/or don’t see her, you can give this to someone in your life who is like a mom to you.”

Book About Mom (or Grandma, Sister or Aunt). The story pages come in four versions: mom, grandma, sister, and aunt.  The term “Mother’s Day” is not used anywhere in this book, so it can be used for other occasions such as birthday, get well gift, Grandparents Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. as well as Mother’s Day.  Get it in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

The sample pictures are from the finished books my students made. After I bound them, kids decorated butcher paper to wrap them in. They also made a card to go with it. It was a simple, yet, wonderful gift. I had families tell me that was the best gift!
Here are a couple of other projects a mother/aunt/grandma/sister might enjoy, which require some writing. (Note, I didn’t create these, but they look like fun projects.

Make a Class Recipe Book (for any holiday). I still have a recipe book that my fourth-grade class made, passed on to me by my mom. This would also be great for father figures who love to cook!  

Muffin for Mom Craftivity. This cute project has pages for aunts and grandmas, too, and would be great for Mother’s Day, birthday, or Christmas. But it would also be perfect if your school has special events like Muffins with Mom or Grandparents.

I hope this gets you thinking about how to adapt projects or assignments to be inclusive of all mother figures.



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