Abe Lincoln Art – Easy Paper Plate Craftivity

February 20, 2014 1 min read

We did this fun, simple craftivity after reading the book, Abe Lincoln’s Hat. The only materials you need are items you probably already have in your classroom:
  • paper plates
  • black construction paper
  • black paint and painting supplies
  • popcicle sticks
  • hot glue gun
  • stapler

This year’s Lincoln project was super easy! I have found that over the years a little prep work ahead of time helps the art session to go smoother (especially if you or your paras might get interrupted by behavior issues).
1. Ahead of time I cut each paper plate into a U shape, and then used a glue gun to adhere a small popsicle stick to it. 
2. Kids painted the paper plates black and left them to dry.
3. After they dried, we stapled each plate to a black stovetop hat.  And that’s it!!

My students loved their Lincoln hat/masks!! 
Super easy and they turned out great!!!  Since I teach a self-contained (California calls it SDC) class of kids grades K-3, I end up teaching some kids for up to 4 years in a row! As a result, often I will come up with alternate art activities for a holiday, etc. so kids don’t make the same stuff each year.   Click here for last year’s Abe Lincoln craft.

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