Morning Meeting Ideas Title with outlines of children

Morning Meeting Ideas for Multi-Grade Special Ed Classes

November 26, 2021 3 min read

We are close to the middle of the school year so I thought I would discuss morning meetings in multi-grade self-contained classes. By this time of year, you might have gotten more students, with more grade levels, and are finding that your morning meeting activities don’t meet the needs of all of your students anymore. So you need to make changes.

I taught mild/moderate self-contained classes for years and found that whole class circle/calendar times (calling morning meetings) did not work for my kids when I had more than three grade levels in my class. (Please note that I am not advocating for there to be more than three grade levels in a class!!! I am not. It is very difficult to teach kids on so many levels).

Title: Morning Meeting Ideas for Multi-Grade Classes, with outlines of kids

However, many teachers find themselves in impossible situations, so I thought I would share some ideas that I have tried over the years. Some worked really well, and one idea didn’t work for me at all, but it might work for you if you have more adult staff members than I did.

When I had a wider variety of grades, I found that the older grades got bored with morning meeting activities for the younger students, which led to the younger kids being distracted by the older students. So I had to totally think out of the box and change everything around. I loved how it worked out and it helped with transitions at the end of the day.

In this podcast episode, I talk about ways to change WHEN you have your morning meeting, WHAT activities you might do for different levels of students, and HOW you might consider changing your schedule. You might end up solving other issues as well!! This podcast episode is pretty short so give it a listen! Click on the audio player below or listen wherever you get your podcasts.

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Show Notes for Episode #31: Morning Meeting Ideas

Morning Meeting Resources & Links

  • Start creating your own schedules starting with my sample templates here. You get 16 editable PowerPoint (TM) files which can also be opened/edited in Google Slides (TM).
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Transcript of this Episode

A written version of this episode is available as a blog post here (instead of a transcript).

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