Washington and Lincoln writing and craft

March 31, 2013 2 min read

This was a fun project that allowed students to compare George Washington and Abraham  Lincoln. Then we brainstormed sentences to write, an added a picture – if you hold it one way it is Washington with his white wig, but if you turn it upside down, then it can be Lincoln in his stove pipe hat!!

Remember I teach a multi-aged special day class (SDC in California) with kids who have mild/moderate learning disabilities or autism.  General ed teachers could do this activity in a whole class setting, but we did it in small groups. After discussing what a president is and learning about Honest Abe and “I cannot tell a lie” George, we composed a sentence about each man. Later in the day we reviewed sentences. The simple sentences that won the vote were:

  • George Washington was our first president.
  • President Lincoln was called Honest Abe.

The next day in groups we wrote out our sentences in our best writing. Then we cut out two copies of the same pattern… what began as Abe’s hat became George’s jacket when rotated 180 degrees.

Likewise, Abe’s beard became George’s curls (which can’t be seen since we glued cotton balls on top for George’s wig). The kids thought his wig was awfully silly, which sparked a discussion of hairstyles of all the presidents over the years!

We choose to make them small so they could both be glued on a piece of construction paper that fit nicely on our wall, but you could decide to make them as separate projects.

Have a great week!

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